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The set is included opened-back headphones,

sheepskin leather pads and cable.


Technical specifications:

- Planar magnetic drivers for better dynamics and frequency response

- Style: over-ear, opened-back

- Premium leather for style and durability

- Double-sided magnetic structure

- Magnetic structure: proprietary magnet array

- Magnet type: Neodymium N52

- Transducer size: 100 mm

- Maximum power handling: 5W RMS

- Frequency response: 10Hz – 20kHz

- THD: < 0.1% 100dB

- Impedance: 25 ohms

- Sensitivity: 98 dB/1mw (at Drum Reference Point)


Sash Tres SE needs amplifier with about 0,8 Watt on channel.


Available connector to device: 2,5mm balanced, 3,5mm; 4,4mm balanced, 6,35 mm; 4 pin xlr balanced.

Cable length can be from 0,5 m to 1,8 m.


Sash Tres can be closed or semi-opened, so you may additionally order closed covers and/or semi-opened covers for this model (Optionally covers).


Sash Tres can be used with velour pads, hybrid pads, perforated sheepskin leather pads, protein leather pads (Optionally pads).


Colours are available with matte or glossy varnish.


There are opened-back headphones with grilles, cable, sheepskin leather pads in the set.

Headphones Sash Tres Second Edition

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